Operating Policies

Operating Policies


SECTION 1 – Registration Fee

1.1 Each member must pay a $650.00 registration fee to the MHSFLL as outlined in the MHSFLL By-laws. Teams will also be responsible for one fundraiser, where they will sell 20 tickets for a bud, spud, and steak. Teams who are not willing to fundraise may instead pay $250.00 to offset the cost (total registration fee of $900.00).

1.2 A team must give a minimum of twenty-four (24) hours cancellation notice to the opposing team and Referee-in-Chief. Failure to provide the required notification will result in loss of Performance Bond.

1.3 A Performance Bond of $200.00 is required. Members must maintain a $200.00 Performance Bond throughout the season.

SECTION 2 – Coaching

2.1 All coaching staff must be properly certified as per CLA minimum coaching standards.

2.2 There must be a minimum of one (1), and a maximum of three (3) coaches on the bench at all times.

2.3 An active player may not act as a coach. If a player is one of the coaches they must be on the game sheet as a player OR a coach.

2.4 All bench personnel must have completed their Respect in Sport as per MLA standards.

SECTION 3 – Player/Coaching Eligibility

3.1 All players/coaches must adhere to Manitoba High School Athletic Association’s player eligibility guidelines.

SECTION 4 – The Season

4.1 The season starts the first week of May or sooner if fields are dry, and must end prior to MLA Provincials in June.

4.2 Play dates are dependent on number of teams in the league, and team location.

4.3 Game schedule will be finalized a minimum of one month in advance of start to league.

4.4 The Jim Hunt Memorial All Star Game will be held each year.

4.5 The first league game will be called the Kelly Clay Kick-Off Memorial Classic and consist of West Kildonan and an opponent based on West Kildonan’s participation in the league. The game will be scheduled to play at West Kildonan if possible.

4.6 Games cancelled without proper notification(see 1.2) will be considered a forfeit.

4.7 Officials will be paid $40 per referee per game, and minor officials will be paid $20 for the regardless if there are one or more people present.

4.8 Travel compensation for officials will be $0.36/km

4.9 Format of the league will be determined at the first meeting on or after the March 1st deposit deadline.

4.10 Home Team (second team listed on the game schedule) is responsible for (1) texting in the final score to the league statistician, and (2) handing in the original game sheet to the league statistician the next time they see them.

4.11 In the case of fighting, for the first offence, individuals will be given a minimum 2 game suspensions. Subsequent offences will result in the individual(s) being suspended indefinitely until the Disciplinary Committee ruling. The President of the MHSFLL will contact the Principal of the school(s) involved for each offence.

SECTION 5 – Equipment

5.1 Please refer to CLA standards.

5.2 Mouth guards are mandatory as per MLA policy.

5.3 Approved goaltender equipment in addition to CLA standards:

  • Shin pad that conforms to leg
  • Jock, or ringette girdle
  • Helmet with throat guard
  • Player arm guards
  • Chest protector
  • No hockey goalie equipment or box goalie equipment is allowed.

5.4 Players must wear athletic shorts or athletic pants only.

5.5 Footwear: athletic shoes, no metal cleats/spikes.

5.6 A player’s attack, or short stick, shall measure a minimum of 40 inches to a maximum of 46 inches.

SECTION 6 – Teams

6.1 Teams will be determined each year.

SECTION 7 – Eligibility and Registration

7.1 A $100.00 non-refundable team deposit must be submitted to the MHSFLL on or before March 1st of each year.

7.2 All players must be registered with the MHSFLL by April 15th of each year.

7.3 All team and individual registration forms along with final payment must be submitted by April 15th of each year.

7.4 Players are only allowed to play on team for which they are registered.

7.5 Coaches are only allowed to coach the team for which they are registered.

7.6 Teams may hold an unlimited roster, but may only dress a maximum of 23 players. During a game only those players whose name appears on the game sheet may play.

7.7 Coaches eligibility – as per CLA minimum coaching standards. CLA Form 100s must be completed and submitted to the MLA office with the team registration forms by April 15th of each year.

7.8 Addition/Deletion forms must be completed and submitted to the MLA office by noon on May 15th.

7.9 Teams must confirm their participation in the league by March 1st of each year.

SECTION 8 – Facilities

8.1 Facilities will be determined by which teams are playing in the league as fields are used based on which high school fields are available.

8.2 Members are responsible for booking their fields and informing the Board by March 1st of each year.

SECTION 9 – Travel Permit for Out of Province Tournaments

9.1 Teams that are attending out of province tournaments must submit a playing roster and dates of the tournament two (2) months prior to travel. The MHSFLL will review all requests for travel and if approved will provide the MLA with notification that the MHSFLL has either approved or denied the request.

9.2 Please refer to the MLA travel policy on the MLA website at: http://www.manitobalacrosse.com

SECTION 10 – Tournaments

10.1 The request for hosting of tournaments must be submitted to the MHSFLL by March 1st of each year.

10.2 The MHSFLL will review all request for tournaments and if approved will provide the MLA with notification.

10.3 All tournaments must also be sanctioned by the MLA.